Landscape Services You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar On!

Hiring an expert landscaper is a great way to ensure your project is complete in a swift and effective manner and that you receive only the finest quality service for your money! Baywood Landscaping in Bainbridge Island will be that expert for you and provide you with the quality landscaping & hardscape work you have been looking for! I am able to assist you anywhere in the area of the city and Bainbridge Island, WA so leave it to me!

Landscaping Service

Landscape services are an ideal way of keeping your property lush and green while you are away or if you wish to spend your time doing other things! I offer excellent full yard maintenance services, including proper treatment for your lawn, different gardening tasks, full system irrigation servicing, and much more. I have got you covered.



Lawn Care Service

I love taking care of lawns, and I do it well! From pruning to grass cutting and aeration, I do it all! I can even formulate a schedule that will preserve the green and healthy condition of your lawn in the long run. Just give me a call first.

Garden Care Service

You love your flora so much you are willing to pay to have it maintained, and I respect this. Rely on me to do my absolute best to keep your garden in a healthy condition any time you need assistance!

Irrigation Service

All living things require sustenance to grow tall and strong! Irrigation systems are meant to keep lawns and gardens well-hydrated and nourished on any scale, and I know how to set yours up to maximize its effectiveness and reduce your monthly costs! By efficiently dealing with clogged sprinklers, missing nozzles, or a run-off, you can expect nothing less than the optimal efficiency of your entire irrigation system.

Patio & Retaining Walls Service

Thinking about building a patio or a retaining wall for your property? I can do that too! I have vast industry experience in building rock retaining walls, as well as pavers and Folkestone patios. I follow a step-by-step process to make sure that any related structure you hire me to do is built in a timely fashion without quality being compromised.

Baywood Landscaping in Bainbridge Island‘s extensive knowledge of the field and my well-maintained equipment will ensure that you receive nothing but exceptional quality on my part any time you hire me! I am at your complete disposal throughout the whole area of the city and Bainbridge Island, WA, so don’t think twice about calling me to schedule! You can reach me at (206) 429-5962!

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