Enhancing Your Front Yard Landscaping with a Pop of Color

Adding Color to Your Front Yard with Flowers and Garden Beds

Adding color to your landscape with plants that have colorful leaves, vibrant blooms, and other visual appeals can take your property to a whole new level of “wow.” There are ways to have a yard year-round, even when flowers are out of season. Layers are key, whether you’re combining evergreen shrubs with annuals or adding a few colorful garden accents. You can hire professionals to assist you in achieving the desired aesthetic look for your front yard landscaping. Here are some easy ways to incorporate color into your landscape design.

Layer Analogous Colors in Your Garden Beds

Analogous color schemes are another way to add color to your landscape, but you’ll need to pay close attention to color theory. Select flowers in complementary colors (three hues that touch each other on the color wheel). With its purple blooms, creeping thyme, for example, is an excellent ground cover plant. Combine it with pink impatiens and fuchsia peonies. Layering analogous evergreen shrubs is a low-maintenance landscape design that works all year.

Trace a Pathway With Flowers

Are you unsure where to place a flower bed? As a starting point, consider the structural elements in your yard. Planting a flower bed along a sidewalk, pathway, or fence can add a natural pop of greenery and color to your yard.

Design for Your Timeline

Consider when you spend the most time in your yard when selecting colors. If you spend most of your time outside in the evenings, choose plants with silvery foliage or white flowers. They shimmer and shine as the sun sets, whereas other colors fade. If you spend most of your time in your garden in the mornings, choose bright flowers and foliage to brighten your day.

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