Pansy Issues Often Found During a Front Yard Landscaping

Typical Issues With Pansies

While pansies may be planted in the early spring or fall, you can find mature pansy plants in the garden center from August through March or April of the following year, depending on your climate. Plant pansies in a garden bed with well-draining soil at a depth equal to their nursery container. To allow for growth and air exchange, space plants 6 to 12 inches apart. Aim for three to four pansy plants in a 10- to 12-inch pot when using containers to prevent crowding the plants. Deer are the biggest problem for pansies. To keep your pansies alive, you might need to use deer repellant or seek advice from front yard landscaping experts. Your pansies may be under stress from other sources besides deer if you notice these additional symptoms.

Brown, Shriveled Leaves

If you notice leaves turning brown and shriveling up during hot, humid weather, you should especially look out for powdery mildew. Remove the impacted leaves and make sure the plants have enough airflow by checking the leaves.

Wilting Plant

The pansies may have root or crown rot, which causes overall droopiness and potential blackening of the stem close to the soil. To reduce this danger, avoid crowding and overwatering pansies. A plant’s chances of recovering from this issue are little to none.

Spots in Leaves

Any variety of fungal issues, including anthracnose, leaf spot, rust, or scab, might be plaguing pansies with leaves that have various forms of spots on them. Spots can be any hue, including tan, brown, purple-black, and light green. Verify that you are properly feeding and watering your pansies to alleviate any of these problems. You should also encourage excellent garden cleanliness by providing your plants with plenty of room for air circulation.

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