Landscaping Rocks for More Aesthetic Features

Rock Your Landscape With These Stones

While alternatives to rocks for landscaping include plants, grass, or wood mulch, these elements all need upkeep, including water. Water can increase utility costs, while maintenance demands time and effort. However, using rocks as your material can be a no-brainer and a simple fix for the issues associated with spending time and money on your home’s landscape. We’ll examine the many landscaping rock varieties that are appropriate for your property and preferences below.

Black Polished Pebbles

are quite decorative and widely accessible at home improvement stores. The fact that you can purchase them by the bag here, as opposed to crushed stone, is a benefit. Additionally, quartzite stones that have been polished using a tumbler are available. Other than serving as accents in water features, they have a wide range of applications.

Pea Gravel

Is ideal for filling holes or serving as a secure top layer for children and dogs because it is larger than decomposed granite. Pea gravel is inexpensive when used to cover what is required because a thick layer is not required. Dry creed beds include pea gravel.

River Rock

Is a tough substitute for mulch. These rocks are frequently used to fill in the spaces between stepping stones or as a decorative rock drainage solution for places that need them because of their lovely appearance as natural stones.

Lave Rocks

Are distinctive stones that originated in volcanic regions. As a result, they can control temperatures and hold onto water. Although lava rocks are pricey, they are distinctive and may make your landscape stand out.


They look wonderful and/or can be used as retaining walls, but you’ll probably need to employ a service to find, deliver, and set them. Whether stacked, spread over a vast garden, positioned around the foot of a tree, or in any other imaginative arrangement, boulders offer texture and draw attention to any yard.

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