2 Factors That Affect Your Landscape Irrigation Maintenance

How Do Time and Location Affects the Maintenance of Your Irrigation?

When your landscape irrigation system is functioning properly, you’ll see healthy trees, plants, grass, and shrubs. If their water levels drop, you’ll see brown and dead patches. If the water levels are too high, your landscape is suffering at the expense of your trees and plants. You’ll also notice fewer flowers and fruits. It’s critical to understand that no irrigation system is self-cleaning. You have to make sure its components function properly, in addition to installing new components and repairing the existing ones. If you’re an irrigation system maintenance company, make sure you’re familiar with the right procedure to follow! Here are the common factors that affect your landscape irrigation maintenance:

Time of the year

Different factors affect the volume of water that’s delivered to a landscape. It’s the same with your employees! The volume of water that’s delivered to the landscape is affected by the time. In addition to that, the weather has an impact on the water volume. For example, you don’t need to water your lawns as much in the summer. It’s because the plants are able to take care of themselves due to the lack of rain and heat. In this case, you’ll have to make sure that your irrigation system is in good condition for you to save money.


The location of your landscape can affect the maintenance requirements. It’s not only easy to access your landscape on the weekends, but you may be more prone to accidents and injuries. If you have hardscaping, you’ll have to make sure that the soil isn’t too soft, which makes it easier to damage the components of your landscape. If you have softscaping or container gardening, you’ll have to make sure that the soil isn’t too hard. If you have a lawn, you’ll have to make sure that the grass is trimmed regularly.

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